CES Canada provides access to education for Kenyan youth who have been orphaned by the HIV/Aids pandemic. Goals are to to reduce illiteracy through increased access to education and information technology; to alleviate poverty; and, to achieve an improved standard of living for youth living in Kenya.

The Four Cornerstones of CES Canada are EDUCATION, HEALTH, WATER and ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT through Agriculture and Livestock Management.

The Mission of CES is based on the following core values:

*All members of the human family are created equal
*All people deserve respect and personal dignity
*All people deserve to live free from fear, repression, poverty and disease
*All children are entitled to fundamental freedoms and rights
*All children must be protected from abuse of any kind
*All children have a right to grow and learn to their potential
*All children have a right to a basic education


In the fall of 2004 CES Canada was established as a not for profit NGO, partnering with CES Kenya to select and support bright 12 Kenyan students who had been orphaned by the HIV/Aids pandemic. By January, 2006 CES Canada had received status as a Canadian Charity and was supporting 36 students.

Since 2009 60 Canadian volunteers have travelled to CES schools to provide good will and practical support.

The CES 2012 "Year of Transformation" saw 161 students in 26 secondary schools throughout six provinces in Kenya receiving education scholarships. 2013, the Year of Open Doors created 200 students in 32 communities to achieve their dream of attending school. Now in 2017 the Year of "Giving Back", CES celebrates the results of over a decade of service to Kenya. 1000 students from 33 schools are beginning to realize the potential they now have to create a bright future for themselves and their communities.

The CES School of Continuing Education (CESCED) established 2016 provides on-line training in Leadership and Entrepreneurial Studies for post secondary scholars.

CES Team

CES Canada is a group of passionate and dedicated problem solvers working to make a difference for marginalized Kenyan youth in rural Western Kenya.

The CES Team operates from two offices, located in Kenya and Canada. Those working with CES do so on a volunteer basis, donating their time and financial resources to keep the program running strong.

Our Kenyan office in Kakamega is staffed by a number of highly skilled, retired Kenyan professionals who are looking to give back to their home communities. Canadian staff come from a variety of backgrounds, some being retired professionals while others supporting the program in their free time.

The common element that unites our volunteers is a desire to make a difference for promising students who need a little support to realize their dreams. We do this work with the highest standards of accountability, dedication, and respect.

Strategic Planning

CES Canada seeks to make a difference for secondary school communities in Kenya through intensional design:

Gender Equality:
CES Canada advocates equal opportunity to female and male students.

Building Capacity:
CES Canada assists indigenous education initiatives to become self-sustaining.

CES Canada works in partnership, by invitation and agreement.

Building Community:
CES Canada seeks to strengthen the social fabric of the local community by supporting Kenyan youth to realize their potential through education.


CES Canada's key partner is CES Kenya, a well-established non-governmental organization in Kenya. CES Canada is involved in strategic planning, awareness and fundraising while its Kenya counterpart establishes communications and programming on the ground.

CES Canada works in partnership with World Without Worms, a Canadian community health NGO that seeks to eradicate worms and other water borne diseases.

CES Canada's Special Consultative Status with the UN through UNESCO allows interaction with UN bodies and affiliated NGO's. CES is part of a global network that promotes clean water and hygiene projects through Wash in Schools (WinS) coordinated by UNICEF.

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