CES Celebrates 96 Graduates

January 29, 2017 10:03 pm Published by

These scholars achieved an impressive B+ in the 2016 KCSE overall and ranked in the top 10% of the entire nation. They have joined the CESCED Internship Program acting as Teacher Assistants and Mentors at their respective schools.

Alex Siminyu – Friends Navakholo SS
Abdul Mukoche Wawire – Friends Sidikho SS
Harriet Chimoli – Bishop Sulumeti Girls HS
Celestine Sore Mtondo – St Patricks Bukhakunga SS
Kevin Kukuni – Friends Sivilie SS
Emmanuel Wanjala Owoli – St Charles Lwanga Lutaso SS

21 students achieved a grade of B or B-. allowing them (subject to their ability to pay) to proceed to higher learning.
CES does not support the notion of comparing schools or celebrating the few. All schools and each of our 96 graduate students are to be congratulated. What is remarkable is that our students, disadvantaged and without basic supports in life, are equal to and can compete with other privileged students across Kenya who studied in private, national or county schools.

It is also important to acknowledge the hard work of school administrators and teachers who create positive learning environments in our 25 CES schools.
The exemplary work of CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba, the CES Kenya Board and Executive Assistant Sarah Nabongo encouraged our students to achieve their best.

The results speak for themselves…bravo!

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