CES Grad Returns to Alma Mater

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Imagine…a young boy from a humble background, supported through secondary school on a CES scholarship and now returning to his alma mater Shieywe SS, not just for a visit but as a full fledged teacher. Incredible the odds of all this happening. Edwin Juma writes:

“The son of a single mother, born out of wedlock and rejected by my father at birth. I remember well at the age of 3 years when she left me with my grandparents and got married to another man who unfortunately passed on again in 2005 leaving her with 4 children whom she struggles to raise. For my case,the moment she left me I have lived without knowing truly what it means to have parental care and love.

Schooled with difficulty, I managed to attend school and succeed. I overcame financial constraints, discouragements, ridicule and mockery and finally in 2016 graduated with a Degree in Education from Maseno University. Allow me to tell God “Imella papa” and to CES asante sana.

I think of all these challenges and how they have propelled me to work hard and keep on going to so far where I am. I totally believe that God sent the CES team in 2010 to rescue me when I was in Form 3 at Shieywe SS. Were it not for CES it is quite possible that my academics would have suffocated at that stage and I would never have made it to university. When it dawned on me that I was sponsored, I tell you I resounded with fresh breath within myself. I was renewed, a new person and even my teachers could not believe it. What you are doing is actually touching and transforming young people’s lives. I am truly proud of you and I keep praying for the good work you are doing.”

After graduating, Edwin volunteered his services at a local school and this year he has been hired to teach Kiswahili and History at his alma mater Shieywe SS. In addition he mentors CES students and is a counsellor, “encouraging them to overcome all odds and make sure they do not give excuses for their failing in exams.” He is also busy as a volleyball coach where he spends his evening time training students outside the classroom environment.

Edwin shares, “I have been learning what it takes to be a teacher and imparting skills and knowledge to students. I have taken my time with the weak students, getting to understand them and encouraging them to improve in their studies and where need be I give necessary advice. Though there are a few challenges, I strive to give the best I can and most importantly mentor these young ones whose future is very promising.

Edwin Juma Nyongesa has a bright future. He has a heart for his students. Edwin was recently asked to follow up on one of our former students at Shieywe SS who had been traumatized during an event where his mother perished in a fire. Edwin tracked him down in a rural area outside Kakamega. That’s the kind of person Edwin is…someone whose life was changed and who now is giving back.

Edwin loves kids as can be seen by the selfie he took with a little friend on his lap.

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