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Musaga SS, haven for the needy, with you I join those who honour the life of Deanna O’Neill.

Out of grief I rise to curse the winds of death whose purpose was concealed from doctors, interceders, advocates of life.

As I pray I mourn the demise of that heroine soul.

In pain and in vain I search for answers, sadly I find none. Death does not bow to hospitals and wait on churches that challenge its mandate.

The innocent are taken all too soon.

As we celebrate the new Musaga, we cherish the wonderful people of CES and think of Deanna, loving daughter of Lynn Zalinski,

thankful for her sacrifice to the needy.

Overwhelmed by a spirit of optimism, I now turn to God in thanks.

Deanna’s departure is not in vain. Her memory is raised to the heights. Deanna has been promoted to glory.

“We are because you were.”


Our fate was to walk in the wilderness, to rummage among rubbish bins, with worry and despair evident on our faces. It now begins to fades in the light of education.

Left behind by more fortunate colleagues, we floundered in a world where school uniforms and other requirements for learning were unknown to us.

The roots of Canadian scholarships fanned out spreading its shade towards the poor and needy. We now enjoy the fruits of this generosity.

The beautiful buildings of our school, clean water projects, battery tooth brushes, solar rechargeable lamps, mosquito nets, backpacks, sanitary towels and of course school fees paid, have nullified the grand challenges to education so now we are learning.

As our fate fades, traces of its scent still remain. We are faced with extra charges for emerging issues and excursions. Illness and rampant absenteeism due to fees constraints sting us like scorpions.

Hail the CES organization that breathes life to us. Hail our dear school administration, for they encourage us to be at our best.

We are young seedlings nourished by the well-drained soils of learning. Like bees we sing the sweetest song, and like the tailor, forming a great stitch in time that hence would save nine.

Our fate has finally faded – A new hope in its place


It remained the title “A secondary school graduate”

A great name Sheilah ever had

Only but the beginning of a long journey

I anxiously waited for departure

The only time to move to another step

A forward step into a fruitful future

The long long awaited chance

Hours, days, months and finally a year

I was only spurred on by a strong sense

Of destiny and a great ambition

That stabilized my hope for high education.

A friend in need is a friend in deed

Actually my parents fought a desperate battle

A battle of financial difficulties

Hey! Where else would I have settled our worries?

CES – the dwelling place for our savior.

The day was finally here

The 21st day of February 2014

An immediate invitation of my name

To the great government college of Kenya

Kibabii Diploma Teachers Training College

A wonderful institution for higher education.

As we struggled through huddles

I made all attempts to disguise my predicament

But my care was with God’s Angels

From the white lands’ heaven

With an enormous concern for my life

To offer a helping hand to the poor.

I will ever remain a bee

Backward never, forward ever

Working hard for a destined future

Through which to save the hopeless

And create a wonderfully focused future

For this hope shall be awakened.

My great Mum, Sandy Guthrie

Michael Fredriksen and Canadian volunteers

Mr. Khaemba, Udoto, Otido and Lukhafwa

CES Canada through CES Kenya

I am greatly humbled.

With all my gratitude

I do pray for God’s mercies

That wherever you are

Shall you be showered with blessings,

And the multitude grace of our Almighty



I am in prison

A place that holds no care

The floor is chilly and cold

My skin is cold and wrinkled

My throat is hot and thirsty

My heart contains a bleeding soul

Who is actually to rescue?

Run! Run! Away Run!

Out of this helly fire

Shouts the innocent souls

Experience is the best teacher

And we must go and never back

Out of this reckless satanic culture

Wonderful teachers of the society

Clan elders on top of the list

Our patients, the masters of ceremony

I finally get annoyed

By this little but the worst discrimination

That creates an intimidating future

Conditions like Harmattan winds

Strong or weak you must go

Elders, parents and parent in-law

“This is our source of wealth”

Mothers and sisters in sobs

The ‘girl’ faces the Magistrate.

Education and Leadership

Taboos in the cultural world

Ignorance and disobedience

Are results of girls ‘education

Should curses accompany your soul

Through denial as a solution

Leaders from the school of marriage

At thirteen you make a beautiful woman

With purity as your marvelous gold

That buys dowry and wealth

Only to create a chance for men

To despise youth in future.

Dear nations of the world

Communities, societies and clans

You are a painful murderer of development

I then admonish hysterically

Shall you listen to the inner tone of my verse

Discrimination is not a solution!

And we can make a better change

If only we are given a chance.

Sheilagh Nasindu, CES Grad Musaga SS 2012

Kibabii Teachers Training College (2014-16)

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