Reunited after 5 Years

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Thomas Omwenga is a Kenyan marathoner who came to Canada in 2012. Running in Canada and the USA, he worked and ran to support his wife and three children back home in the Rift Valley. His application for Permanent Resident precluded him from returning to Kenya..


His eldest girl Mercyline Nyakundi is a bright, energetic 11 year old who has a rare form of spina bifida with a condition known as tethered cord syndrome. Mercy cannot walk on her own and she has many physical challenges to deal with. Recently she was invited to attend Shriners Hospital in Montreal for medical assessments. The Shriners finance all costs related to Mercy’s medical treatment. Costs related to travel, insurance, domestic transport, accommodation and meals are the responsibility of the family.


CES Canada coordinated a fundraising effort that has now raised $14,000 – enough to look after the needs of the family while in Canada. Montreal First Baptist built an apartment in their church basement for the family to stay while at the hospital. Huge thanks to all who contributed financially and in other ways.

On April 6 Mercyline, sister Silvia, brother Isaac and her mother Margaret Ndege arrived in Toronto, just in time for their first appointment in Montreal April 10. Such an emotional, exciting reunion. After 5 years Thomas got to hug his kids and wife and there was not a dry eye among the group of 25 who were at the airport to greet them.


The miracle of “Mercy in Canada” has just begun. More is yet to come…and good news, Thomas has now received Permanent Resident status in Canada. Thomas continues to run and advocate for CES Canada in Kenya.

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