The Omwengas in Hamilton

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Hamilton Ontario is a long ways from Kitale, Kenya. But through some amazing circumstances and lots of good will, Mercy Nyakundi, her mom Margaret and siblings Sylvia and Isaac now live in Ontario. Visas for the family were granted on compassionate grounds. Within a week after touchdown at Toronto Airport, Mercy and her family were on the train bound for Shriners Hospital in Montreal. Thomas Omwenga reported that Mercy was “brave and the nurses and doctors loved her smile.” With tests, MRI imaging and further consultations with orthopaedic, neurology and urology specialists, it was determined that Mercy would return for further treatment in September.


In the meantime, First Baptist Montreal church community had built a two bedroom apartment for the Omwengas. They now have a place to stay when in Montreal. Thomas said that “these people are now my friends. The welcome and support we received was overwhelming.”


The next step was to find a place to stay. For six weeks they stayed with friends who themselves had five children. But as of June 18, Thomas and his family have their own place in West Hamilton. Mercy was so excited because she had been promised a bunk bed and she was to take the top level – pretty gutsy for a kid whose mobility is limited.


Mercy, Sylvia and Isaac have enrolled in school and Isaac is now waiting to enter Grade 10. The fall will bring new experiences for this courageous family. Best of all they are reunited after five years with their father and husband, Thomas Omwenga. As Mercy seeks the best medical treatment possible, we all pray that she will get stronger and that her quality of life will improve.


CES Canada is grateful to all who supported the Mercy to Canada project. Your donations will help the family get on their feet. What a wonderful way to say, “welcome to Canada.”

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