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Christmas 2016 Jiggers Campaign

Christmas 2016 Jiggers Campaign

Celebrate this Christmas by supporting joyful feet “Sans Jiggers”.
Joyful Feet in rural Kenya means happy kids, free from pain and huge discomfort. Jiggers are larvae from fleas that burrow into the skin and multiply to severely damage feet and hands.

The only cure is to dig them out with a sharp blade. Once removed children walk back to their village home barefooted. Without shoes the Jiggers will return in a never ending cycle.

This Christmas CES Canada will be providing shoes for children who continue to be plagued by Jiggers. June/July 2016 there were three campaigns to eradicate Jiggers – 750 kids were treated. We concluded that treatment had to include a pair of shoes, for some their first pair ever.

In January 2017 CES Kenya Alumnus will again partner with Canadian NGO ACCESS (African Canadian Continuing Education Society) in a community health outreach that will provide shoes for each of the 300 children who seek treatment.

The cost is $1500 and that covers the shoes, medical treatments and human resources to meet the needs of the day. A $25 investment will create 10 Joyful Feet “Sans Jiggers”, especially meaningful at Christmas. The bonus is a new pair of shoes for each one…Merry Christmas!

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