Project Name: R2E

On Going

Scholarship : $250

This is a long term project


R2E Project

Scholarships, books, school uniform, career education, training in Life Skills, ICT learning, and Healthy Living give students a chance to earn the KCSE secondary school diploma. Building schools and science/computer lab classrooms raises the standard of education.

Program Costs:

Annual Scholarship
$250 Cdn  – includes school fees, school uniform, school resources, backpack, treated anti-malaria mosquito net, health care and one hot meal per day. Where distance or other circumstances prevail, students are admitted to one of nine CES Boarding Schools.
$80 Cdn  – scholarship for one semester includes feeding program for three months
$20/month includes all of the above

Student Intern Scholarship
$125 Cdn  – CES Grads who achieve a B+ grade or higher in the KCSE national exams are given a scholarship to remain at their school for a period of 6-8 months to work as Teacher Assistant and mentor for younger CES students. Funds are now available to pay for university registration costs when admitted to university the following year.

University Scholarship
$600 Cdn/semester  – a number of CES Grads are admitted to a public university each year. Unable to pay the school fees they forfeit higher education learning. With two terms each year, registration fees amount to $1200 Cdn per annum.

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