February 2016

Needed Donation: $3000

Raised: $1500 Goal: $3,000


WASH in Schools - WinS Project

The supply of clean water is absolutely essential to building healthier and better learners. Well digging, boreholes, building cisterns and above ground water tanks are part of the CES Canada mandate to provide access to disease free water for drinking and sanitation purposes. This frees up valuable time for school attendance instead of water collection. The spread of disease is reduced and student learning improves.

Once a clean water supply is established, the second phase of the WASH in Schools Program begins. In partnership with the WinS Program (UNICEF) and 40 NGO’s worldwide, CES encourages each school to create their own program that will focus on the following:

  • Washing hands with soap before each meal
  • Washing hands with soap before and after using the latrine or toilet facility
  • Education and Training in personal hygiene and prevention of disease


Build a Well

Cost: $3000 (approx)

CES Canada requires three quotes from reputable well diggers in order to build a well. A preliminary geological survey report is also necessary to ascertain the best location and most efficient means of finding, pumping, storing and supplying the water to the school community. The cost depends on a number of factors including depth of the well and the distance the water is to be pumped and stored.

Build a Hand Washing Station

Cost: $2500 to supply a water line and multi use washing centre that includes taps and water run off area.

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