CES Volunteers

CES Canada Volunteers to KENYA

Since 2007 – 65 CES Volunteers have left their footprint in rural Western Kenya. Some stayed a month, some two while a few like Tom Conant spent the best part of one year as a CES Volunteer. Teachers, artists, athletes, builders, tutors, electricians, lawyers, doctors, students, pastors, IT Specialists, counsellors, Peace Officers, musicians, researchers, school administrators and judicial officers have all brought their skills to the field in their desire to make a difference for needy school communities in Kenya.

16/06 Dennis White, Renee Rerup, Senem Oxkin, Michael Frederiksen, Dr Florence Namulundah

15/04 Karen Dahl

15/10 Michael Frederiksen

14/09 Sandy Guthrie, Karen Dahl, Yu Nakajima, Ed Dickison, Michael Frederiksen

14/06 Dr Florence Namulundah

14/01 Michael Frederiksen, Father Anthony Werunga

13/10 Arthur Khaemba

13/09 Lili Ye

13/07 Joe Lasko, Troy Sexton

13/07 Dr Florence Namulundah

13/06 Sandy Guthrie, Sharyn Poole

13/06 Karen Dahl, Tanya Pountney,

13/06 Lynn Zolinski, Paula Paleczny, Gina Rosa, Genessa Bates

13/06 John Guthrie, Daniel McGoey, Dennis Koivuranta, Father James Panikulam

13/06 Frank Beck, Mike Lamers, Nancy Lang, Paul Jusiura

13/05 Tom Conant, Jeff White, Abby Emdin

12/12 Charles Mayenga

12/11 Sharyn Poole, Tom Conant

12/09 Michael Frederiksen, Sharyn Poole

11/09 Michael Frederiksen, Zabde Ayienga

11/06 Sandy Guthrie, John Guthrie, Karen Dahl. Vaughn Dahl

11/05 Sharyn Poole, Sheila Smith

10/03 Michael Frederiksen

10/06 Leonard Wandili

09/07 Nicole Nuk, Sarah Michalowicz

08/10 Michael Frederiksen

08/07 Catherine Gatere

08/04 Tania Zulkoskey

07/07 Julia DiPoce, Jennifer Castiglione

06/03 Michael Frederiksen

04/02 Michael Frederiksen



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