Dr Ruby Sokwala

CES Kenya Medical Advisor

Dr Ruby Sokwala has volunteered her expertise and resources to be available to CES Kenya when required.  Although there are facilities in the Kakamega area, it is certainly a bonus to know that a highly qualified medical doctor in nearby Kisumu is available for consultation.  CES is grateful for this health care connection. Dr Sokwala is a friend and colleague of Marie MacKay. Marie is largely responsible for coordinating the CES PAD project for girls in the CES scholarship program.  They have collaborated on a number of health related projects. Dr Sokwala’s practice helps AIDS patients who have no hope without good medical care. She indicates that with care they can lead productive lives. Dr Sokwala is a strong advocate for the government providing free treatments. She has recently travelled to the United States to speak at medical and public education forums on how to cope with HIV and Aids. North America.

Recently Dr Sokwala began working with young women who live on the streets. She provides medical treatment, counselling and finds opportunities for employment. Ruby Sokwala has been available to CES staff on a number of occasions and has been helpful in finding medical solutions for emergent cases.

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