Gilbert Kiptoo

CES Sports Ambassador

Gilbert is an elite Kenyan runner from Eldoret who has trained and run marathons throughout East Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. His personal best includes 2:08:16 at Daegu, South Korea Marathon (2012), 1:14:11 at the (2008) Berlin 25 Km Race, 1:02:01 at Eldoret in the (2009) Half Marathon and 1:02:01 at Udine Italy (2009) Half Marathon Races. Gilbert has a special friendship with John and Sandy Guthrie (CES Thunder Bay). He has won the Thunder Bay and Victoria, B.C. marathon races in recent years. In 2012 he won the Thunder Bay Firefighters 10 mile road race, in the amazing time of 50:14. Speaking of Thunder Bay, Gilbert says, “this community means a lots to me because they are helping children back home. I appreciate every time I come to Thunder Bay. I feel at home and I feel the warmth of the community.” Gilbert has trained and coached CES students in the 2011 and 2012 Canada Day Race in Kakamega KENYA. He organized 23 fellow marathon athletes to participate in the 2013 140 km CES Kenya Peace Run. Gilbert is dedicated to the work of CES while at the same time operating an orphanage at his home in Ziwa KENYA.

Gilbert Kiptoo is a global ambassador for Kenya athletics. He also serves as CES Sports Ambassador. During the past three years he has been key to mentoring our students and assisting at the Canada Day (July 1) Run at MMUST in Kakamega. His finest contribution however, was to help coordinate 26 elite marathon runners in the CES Kenya Peace Run last February 10, 2013. The 140 km run was established to spread the message that peace and unity could be a reality for the upcoming 2013 election. It was a superb success. I believe it was the first of its kind in Kenya, perhaps globally. The run ended with a Peace Rally at Masinde Muliro Gardens, Kakamega.

Gilbert Kiptoo connected with CES at the 2008 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) awards where he had just ran a cool 2hrs 12 min race. The CES team had been near the finish line waving the Kenyan flag, encouraging Kenya’s finest runners. Since then Gilbert has been a strong proponent and spokesperson for CES Canada. He is now a celeb in Thunder Bay and the adopted son of John and Sandy Guthrie. He has run many times in Canada at the Victoria, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa marathons.


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