Malik Khaemba

CES Kenya Patron

Malik Khaemba, Hsc is a remarkable Kenyan who has served as the Patron of CES Kenya since 2004. Previously Malik served for two decades (1985-20015) as a diplomat of Kenya Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi, Brussels and Ottawa Canada. It was always his intention to return to Kenya upon his retirement to give back to his community. This he has done with extraordinary commitment and personal sacrifice.

Malik Khaemba is the key driving force behind all the success that CES Kenya has achieved. 2014 represents the 10th anniversary of CES Canada and CES Kenya. A decade of humanitarian partnership has reached out to needy children and has provided hope through education.

Over 1000 scholarships have resulted in a number of students going on to higher learning. In 2013 under the leadership of CES Kenya Patron Malik Khaemba, the now celebrated 140 km CES Kenya Peace Run with 26 elite marathon runners became news worldwide. CES Canada also completed a de-worming project reaching out to some 50,000 primary school aged children. In fact, none of this could have been possible without the dedicated leadership of Malik Khaemba.

CES Kenya through Patron Malik Khaemba dedicated on July 6, 2013 a new secondary school (Musaga SS). He has presided over a number of other projects that have included ten water wells and a dormitory. The immense amount of good will and support for the public education community is a testament to his dedication and hard work. His strong desire to help alleviate poverty and to provide access to education for orphaned Kenyan youth is evident.

In 2008-09 Malik Khaemba was appointed to Kakamega and Western Kenya to help bring in the new Kenyan Constitution. He did this by numerous public communications events, explaining the intricacies of the constitution and answering questions from the media and the public in general. This took the greater part of an entire year to accomplish. His travels took him across many jurisdictions and district areas. Malik Khaemba’s other achievements definitely include the sensitization of large communities to the new Kenyan Constitution.

Malik Khaemba has been honoured by the Kenyan Government with the the distinction of Hsc – Head State Commendation. He also received an Appreciation Award from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Malik is the CEO and a founding member of CES Kenya.


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