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Lili Ye

Web Developer

Lili completed an honours degree in Business Administration at Bishop’s University at Sherbrooke in 2011. Her professional career in the... Read More

CES Kenya Alumnus Executive

CES Kenya Alumnus Executive

Left to Right: Edwin Juma Nyongesa – Director Banjamin Otido Wafulka – Chairman Alfred Alinda Khamala – Treasurer Busuku Wetende... Read More

CES Kenya Advisory Team

CES Kenya Advisors

Left to Right: Education and Career Development – Edwin Juma Nyongesa Community Health –┬áBusuku Wetende Musli Agriculture and Dairy Production... Read More

Sarah Nabongo

CES Kenya Executive Assistant

Sarah Nabongo brings many years of office experience, the most recent with Canadian NGO Kenya Education Endowment Fund (KEEF). Her... Read More

CES Volunteers

CES Canada Volunteers to KENYA

Since 2007 – 65 CES Volunteers have left their footprint in rural Western Kenya. Some stayed a month, some two... Read More

CES Canada Board

Board Director Profile

CES Canada Board: 2015 Alecia Chen grew up in Toronto, Canada. She now works in New York City specializing in... Read More

CES Kenya Directors

Board Director Profile

CES Kenya Chairman Ben Udoto and Patron Malk Khaemba: Friends from their childhood years, Ben Udoto taught for many years... Read More

Billy O’wabucheri

Kenya Special Needs Advisor

Billy Owabucheri Special Education Advisor for Disabled Youth As CES Special Education Advisor for Disabled Youth, Billy Owabucheri provides valuable... Read More