Transforming an Unacceptable Reality

We're a non-profit organization dedicated to providing secondary school education for Kenyan youth orphaned by the HIV/Aids pandemic.

We currently sponsor 300 students in 36 secondary schools.Since 2004 over 1000 scholarships have produced 260 CES Grads. Our goal is to alleviate acute poverty and strengthen school communities in rural Kenya.

Welcome to CES

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up


Access to education is a fundamental right. The CES focus on Gender Equity and Equal Opportunity for needy youth is key to raising hope for a brighter future.



Healthy learners can achieve better. The CES focus on education and prevention of parasitic and communicable diseases keep students in the classroom.



Only one in twenty-five Kenyans has access to clean water. The CES focus on digging wells and teaching best hygiene practice creates a stronger school community.



Students fail to thrive because of food deprivation or a poor diet. The CES focus on agriculture, food production and a healthy meal each day makes a huge difference.


Latest News

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